Introduction – Radiesthesia: Your route to power and self-discovery
Man, from the beginning, wanted power. Knowledge that gives power is the most wanted and feared. Such knowledge is special, not known to all, and gives one the edge over others, control over matters and more. It is for the same reason that even pharaohs and emperors have consulted seers and scholars to maintain supremacy over lands and people. And it is for the same reason that radiesthesia was practiced since the beginning of civilization.

What is radiesthesia?

It is the power to connect with the subconscious and get knowledge so that you are more in control over yourself and matters around you. It also gives you the knowledge to discover what lies hidden and unknown, otherwise.

The best and the most important thing about radiesthesia is that this knowledge is not limited to any particular group of people, like seers, kings, etc. It is available for everyone, for each one of us. All you need is a radiesthesia pendulum. This can be made even from a piece of thread and a small finger ring.

Dowsing is the older term for radiesthesia-a term coined in the twentieth century. The general impression about dowsing is related to the ancient practice of looking for water using a forked stick. But, modern day dowsers ridicule such theories. In fact, dowsing applies to almost all areas of life, including routine activities.

There are dowsing societies around the globe. A visit to dowsing conventions will show people from all walks of life, nurses, teachers, professors, engineers, doctors, executives, etc. practicing radiesthesia for themselves and to help others. What they have in common is an unselfish goal to enhance their lives and serve anyone who genuinely needs their help.

There is no mystery here, neither any magic. Radiesthesia, in fact, is an ancient science and an art. Using a dowsing or radiesthesia pendulum, you can perform wonders.

A very special gift of radiesthesia is finding solutions. There are times when we want to make a decision, but it is difficult to select the right option. Asking questions and getting answers is an advanced practice of radiesthesia. Here, instead of asking our conscious mind to make the decision, we are taking help from the subconscious. You can ask questions not only for decision-making but also for gaining knowledge or information

From saving precious relationships to augmenting your business, from choosing a life partner to providing better parental care, from household maintenance to creating a beautiful back garden, radiesthesia can be applied in many areas to achieve what you thought was impossible.

Here are some individual and general examples:

Len Locker, a retired Chief Engineer of the South West Electricity Board, is known for finding cable faults without leaving his desk. He does that using a dowsing or radiesthesia pendulum. All his findings have been correct.

Christina Nils had been searching for a gift for a week. The gift was purchased in advance and got mislaid somewhere in the house. She tried dowsing and found the missing item immediately.

There are many anxious mothers who located and removed drugs and other harmful objects from their children’s rooms.

Many people have used dowsing to find the best location for their dream house; and realized happiness and peace there.

A number of gardening hobbyists have used dowsing to create beautiful gardens with healthy plant growth.

Dowsing or radiesthesia has helped householders to clear their homes of harmful energies, locate underground pipes and leakages, and solve various domestic issues.

Professional geologists could find the correct locations of water wells, and archaeological and other sites with the help of radiesthesia or dowsing

The scope of radiesthesia is wide and varied. Locating water, metal and minerals are only some of its many uses. Using a radioaesthetic instrument (pendulum, rod, etc.) missing people have been found.

The purpose of this article is not only to educate you about radiesthesia, but also to provide you with an excellent source on how to practice it. The scientific principles behind this practice are explained. There are details on how to avoid the commonly observed mistakes and errors in practicing.

A tip in advance is to familiarize with techniques of mind control.
Radiesthesia: Meaning of the term

The term ‘radiesthesia’ was coined in the twentieth century in the land where it has been most widely used since the beginning, France. Abbe Alexis Bouley, a catholic priest and a famous dowser, gave this new term to what was earlier referred to as dowsing. The term well defines the process of radiesthesia.

Radiesthesia is an amalgam of a Latin root word for ‘radiation’ (radius, which means ray) and a Greek root word for ‘perception’ (aesthesis, which means perceive). The radioaesthetic instruments can perceive the radiation coming from objects.

Every object in the universe, animate or inanimate, emits radiation, which can be measured, though not in quantifiable terms normally used by us. But, the subconscious part of our brain can perceive these energy vibrations. The dowsing instruments can sense the recognition signals given by the subconscious mind and moves/vibrates to provide answers.

There are different types of radiesthesia instruments, like a pendulum, a forked stick, L rods, or a bobber.

We are focusing more on the pendulum, since it is the widely used.

Radiesthesia: Uses and Users

Before you jump into the practice of radiesthesia, it is good to know more on its uses and practices around the world. This will make you more aware about what you are going to do with your pendulum. By knowing about the current practices and practitioners, you will be able to discern the scope and the extent to which you can explore in this field.


Radiesthesia is used in a wide variety of areas. Here are examples of its practice in some areas as it would be difficult to include all.


EIS, a section of University of Texas at Austin, which develops, evaluates and provides tools and infrastructure for information systems had used dowsing for their spring 2003 projects and in the summer of 2003, for planning for fall 2003 and spring 2004 semesters. The purpose was to find their areas of greatest need and to propose projects to meet those needs. As per their report, their efforts were well received.

Selecting Houses

Anne Widdup, a member of the British Society of Dowsers, recommends dowsing to check geopathic stress, a very beneficial process when selecting houses. She finds that some earth energies, including geopathic stress, are associated with geomagnetic anomalies created by the presence of flowing underground water, faults, fissures, etc., and these energies penetrate the floors and walls of buildings and affect the inhabitants in different ways. Any location can be healthy, neutral or unhealthy for its occupants. One can sense sometimes when the energies of a place are not suitable. It makes us feel sad or apprehensive just by entering that location.

Dowsing to check negative energies help us choose the most suitable environment to live in.

Family Life

Chris Gozdzik of British Columbia has found radiesthesia beneficial for eliminating problems causing stress in family life. He had been living peacefully in his house, an old building built in 1897, by having dealt with any harmful energy lines. Suddenly, after new people moved in the house adjacent to theirs, which had been uninhabited for years, his family experienced swinging moods, negative emotions and lots of stress. He succeeded in solving the turmoil by dowsing, using a combination of large genesa crystal and some sacred geometry symbols.

Christopher and Veronika Strong of Evesham, UK, have been dowsing for 25 years. They have helped remove harmful energies not only from their home, but also from houses of other people who genuinely wanted their help. Their method is to synchronize the house by changing the electromagnetic energy to a harmonious frequency using an electrified crystal.

Food and Nutrition

Anneliese Hagemanns, an American, has been practicing radiesthesia since 1984. She believes and through her practice proves that radiesthesia is beneficial to attain advanced levels of physical harmony. Using dowsing, she finds out what foods to have and not to have in order to receive the right amount of energy for survival. She explains how we can keep our immune system balanced by using dowsing for dealing with any kind of bacteria or other harmful organisms.

Her book, Dowsing Divining: The Golden Key to Tapping Energies is an interesting read on this topic.

Relationships, Dates, Investments and Stocks

Gordon Banta, an experienced dowser of Swampscott, Massachusetts, who has successfully dowsed for a number of things, including oil and water, says dowsing can be used not only to test for fresh and healthy food or locate water and lost objects, but also in choosing relationships (life partners). And for that matter, why not investments and stocks as they play an important role in managing one’s financial life. One of the methods prescribed by him for choosing life partners, dates, roommates, etc. is pendulum dowsing using photographs.


Alanna Moore, founder of NSW Dowsing Society, a journalist, and writer, has been using radiesthesia for gardening for more than eight years. She explains how dowsing is used to:
Provide solutions for soil sterility and salinity
Restore chemically poisoned soil and water outlets
Improve plant growth, etc.

Ms. Moore is known for ‘making a dead stick grow’ at times. Her book, Stone Age Framing: Eco-Agriculture for the 21st Century describes how radioaesthetic techniques are used to increase levels of rock minerals, organic matter and biological life in soil.

Helping Animals and Pets

Maggie Percy, who holds two degrees in biology and has experience working as a scientist, recommends using radiesthesia to help animals. She can communicate with animals with the help of dowsing. She explained this using a very good example, the scare of West Nile virus, when cases of vaccines were promoted inappropriately. Dowsers could easily tell if their horses would be helped by the West Nile virus vaccination, or harmed by it, or neither.

Since animals are more used to living by instinct and intuition than logical analysis, radiesthesia, being an intuitive technique, is a good way to help animals.

Here are some of areas where dowsing can be used for animals:
Checking diet
Selecting time for breeding and in determining sex of unborn babies
Training animals
Finding lost animals, etc.

Other Areas

There are more than hundred other uses of radiesthesia. Have a look at this list to get a better idea:

For transportation and related problems

Radiesthesia can be used to:
Select a mechanic
Identify automobile problem
Choose the most suitable rental car company
Choose the most suitable car to buy
Locate where you parked your car
For communicating with one’s subconscious
Finding ways to enhance spiritual awareness and strengths
Knowing about past lives
Removing mental blocks
For Locating Underground ResourcesLocate wells, water pipes, sewer lines, underground streams, etc.
Divert water, for example, to a dry well or around a house/apartment
Analyze water problems, for example, check source and level of contamination
Check for water leaks
Locate underground electric lines, gas lines, telephone lines, fault lines, etc.
Locate buried mines and booby-traps
Find buried or hidden treasure
Locate oil or minerals

The lists above will surely help in forming a pretty good idea on the various areas in which radiesthesia can be applied.

Let’s have a look at some of the prominent practitioners.


Here’s a brief on some of the famous practitioners of radiesthesia over the ages. It is important to stress that these persons were ordinary individuals who became well known because of their radiesthesia practice.

Steve Herbert

Steve Herbert has been a dowser for fourteen years; dowsing water while he was a Peace Corps volunteer in West Africa, and for the Partners of the Americas program in Central America and the Caribbean. Since 1997, he has served for the Water for Humanity committee, an organization that funds water well development around the world. He offers his services in the dowsing of water and geopathic energies, both of which can be done remotely on a map, if necessary.

Mr. Herbert holds degrees in both geology and anthropology, and has traveled extensively throughout the United States and the world. He has worked in the fields of welding and steel fabrication, mineral and oil exploration, soil and concrete inspection, and environmental extension and chemistry.

Don Nolan

Don Nolan has 15 years experience as a dowser. He is the founder and past president of the Heart of Wisconsin Dowsers. Mr. Nolan specializes in earth energy work, which is the elimination of harmful noxious energies or geo-pathetic stress. He has expertise in locating electro-magnetic and other negative energies that can be detrimental to one’s well-being. Don Nolan is also a consultant, instructor and speaker.

Raymon Grace

Raymon Grace is a native of the Appalachian Mountains of Virginia. He has been studying forms of healing since 1973. Mr. Grace has treated hundreds of people from around the world for many different illnesses, both physically and emotionally.
He has been invited to be a speaker at the World Convention for Silva International several times and was named "Outstanding Silva Method Lecturer for the United States" twice. A teacher at the Ozark Research Institute of Taught mind development, he gives lectures on self esteem and stress management for social service agencies of five Virginia counties. These are only some of his accomplishments due to his skills in and contribution to dowsing.

Arne Groth

Arne Groth is considered to be one of Sweden’s most well known dowsers due to his ability to deal with new problems using his own sensitivity, intuition and scientific approach. He has written about frequencies and earth-radiation.

Eric Dowsett

He is considered a pioneer in advanced methods of energy dowsing. Refining energetic clearing to its most profound essence, he teaches how to achieve powerful results without the need for elaborate ceremonies or the placement of objects in a space. He wrote a book The Moment That Matters.

Mr. Dowsett is also an educator.

Frank Jordan

Mr. Jordan, a rancher in eastern Oregon, has been an active dowser for over 50 years. He created the Idaho Society of Dowsers. Frank Jordan was the society’s President for 6 years and Vice-President for 4 years. He is an active water, mineral and missing persons dowser, and had recently located a missing girl in Reno, Nevada by tele-radiesthesia. He created the popular line of Super-Sensor Dowsing tools, which he markets worldwide on his web site.

Dr. Barbara Mallory

Dr. Mallory is a registered member of the College of Psychologists of British Columbia and specializes in energy dowsing, which she calls, "Energy Awareness". Since energy follows intention and carries information, it's Barbara's belief that “Energy Awareness” is a potential, and perhaps, essential tool for conscious evolution.

She holds professional memberships in the BC Psychological Association, the Canadian Society of Clinical Hypnosis, the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology (ACEP), and Psychologists for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. Her professional experience ranges from agency and hospital-based psychological services to her current holistic private practice on Vancouver Island, Canada.

Verne Cameron

This American pendulist of the 20th century had a most interesting experience. During the Cold War in the 1960's, he was invited by the government of South Africa to help them locate their country's precious natural resources using his pendulum. He was denied a passport by the US government.

The reason is strangely amusing. A few years earlier, Mr. Cameron was invited by the US Navy to test his ability of dowsing. He performed map dowsing or tele-radiesthesia and located correctly every submarine in the Navy's fleet. The US Navy officials were shocked when he could locate not only every US submarine, but also every Russian submarine in the world. As a result, the CIA determined that Verne Cameron was a risk to national security, and he was forbidden to leave the United States.

Dr. Khalil Messiha

Dr. Khalil Messiha (1924-1998) was an Egyptian physician and dowser who practiced radiesthesia in scientific healing. He used to dowse remedies for his patients to give the most effective treatment without any side effects. Usually, traditional physicians need to conduct several tests for diagnosing certain complex illness, and in a number of cases, the results of such test can be got only after days. Using medical radiesthesia, Dr. Messiha could define the beginning point for analysis. Through this, more number of people can be benefited, especially those living far away from the hospitals. Dr. Khalil Messiha could analyze complex cases of patients who did not get a good diagnosis for years, in a very short time. His method of diagnosis using radiesthesia succeeded in curing Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, an illness that many people in the world suffer without knowing its cause.

Institutions and Centers promoting and using radiesthesia

In France, the first society of radiesthesia was formed in the Inter War period between 1919 and 1939. Many individuals had made radiesthesia their full time profession. The Association Francaise et Internationale des Amis de la Radiesthesie was formed. The French dowsers’ national union even paid annual dues to the French Ministry of Labor. Similarly, in USA, the American Society of Dowsers was formed in 1958 in Danville.

There are dowsing societies in UK, New Zealand, Australia, Argentina, Austria, Sweden, Italy, Kenya, Israel, Mexico, the Netherlands, Spain, the West Indies, Switzerland, and many other countries.

Dowsing organizations in Germany require that members serve a period of apprenticeship before they can call themselves "dowsers." In India, the organization, Raj Yoga consists of divisions representing applications of radiesthesia in different areas such as agriculture, engineering and healing. All these signify that radiesthesia is no longer a remote subject. It is actively practiced and promoted both on national and international levels in many countries.

Not everyone knows the fact that many major water pipeline services providers in France have employed or used the services of a dowser to find easy and quick solutions. The Puget Sound Power and Light Company in Washington State is said to have a dowser in its payroll. The Canadian Ministry of Agriculture has also used radiesthesia for finding solutions. Evelyn Penrose, a renowned dowser, had worked for British Columbia to locate oil and water resources. In Russia, Moscow State University and the University of Leningrad have training schools in dowsing. Dowsers are employed by the Russian and Chinese armed forces for providing certain type of military solutions, like locating enemy sites, determining areas for advancing troops, etc.

Having formed an idea about the uses and users, it’s now time to know how to practice, which is explained in the next section.

Radiesthesia: How to Get Started

The technical process is simple. What is most required is mind control. The famous fictional detective Sherlock Holmes had said that pre-conceived notions and attempts to connect theories to facts lead one away from truth.
That is the primary thing to learn in dowsing - stop assuming and willing to let the radiesthesia pendulum reveal to you the answers.

Learning to practice radiesthesia can be compared to learning a musical instrument. A person possessing an inborn talent may produce the correct notes and harmony immediately, while another who does not have this natural aptitude may have to practice more to get the best results. As the old proverb goes, practice makes a man perfect.

Consider your first attempt at radiesthesia as an experiment.

The aim is to learn to dowse.

What is the apparatus? It is comprised of your conscious mind, your subconscious mind, your body, and the pendulum.

How to get a pendulum could be your question. Getting one is not a problem at all. You can make a simple pendulum using a finger ring and a piece of fine thread, about 12-18 inches long. Since this practice involves your inner self, using an object tuned to your energies is more suitable. For this reason, a number of people use their wedding ring.

If you have bought a dowsing pendulum, it is necessary to tune it to your energies. Carry it with you for a couple of days, get a feel of it, and take care that it is not exposed to sunlight or devices radiating electric energy. Keep your pendulum covered in a clean velvet or silk cloth.

As soon as you have a pendulum tuned to your energies, you need to select an appropriate place to practice. Find a quiet place. It should not be brightly lit and should be away from electrical equipments like television, room heater, etc. You should feel at ease in this place. Your bed or kitchen table will also do if it meets the above requirements.

Here is a very simple method to start with.

Step 1

The first step involves your own self. You should be calm, relaxed, your mind empty of notions, desires and negative thoughts.

A key point to note is that your mind plays a very important role in this practice. So mind control and concentration on inner thoughts is the first step. To aid this, take a deep breath, hold it for 2-3 seconds and release it slowly. Repeat this a few times till you have shaken away the cobwebs, if any, from your mind. Another option is to listen to music that frees your mind and lets you unwind before commencing the practice.

Step 2

Now it is time to connect to your subconscious. There is no need to worry. There is nothing paranormal here. Connecting to your subconscious and meditating on your inner energies is the same. This position is what dowsers, normally, call the alpha state.

Step 3

Take your pendulum. Hold the fine thread or chain of your pendulum between the thumb and first finger. Hold your hand comfortably at about shoulder height so that the ring or the weight at the end hangs down freely.

Let us concentrate on pendulum movements.
Remember: Do Not Consciously Force Any Particular Movement.
Simple ask questions to the pendulum, concentrating on your inner energies rather than on the pendulum, and watch its movements.

Movement 1

In a quiet but normal voice, tell the pendulum to move vertically. Do not make it swing by moving your hands. Your hands should be steady and relaxed. Very soon, the pendulum will start moving as directed, at first slowly, then gaining speed. If it stops, start the process again. Once the pendulum starts moving vertically again, let it for some moments and then tell it to stop. In the same manner, ask the pendulum to move horizontally, diagonally, clockwise, anticlockwise, etc.

Movement 2

Find out the “yes” and “no” signs.

Think of a question to which you are sure the answer is affirmative. Now concentrate on your inner energies and ask the pendulum this question. Note the movement of the pendulum - it could be vertical, horizontal, clockwise or anti-clockwise. This would be your pendulum’s “yes” signal for you.

Now repeat the above process with a question to which the answer is negative. Again note the movement of the pendulum. The pendulum should definitely show a different movement from above (for the “yes” signal) and this would be your “no” sign.

Some people get their “yes” and “no” signs soon and some need to practice a bit more.

You can test by taking help of your friends. Ask your friend to put your keys in one of two places, for example your bag or on the dining table and not to tell you the answer till you end the test. Ask the pendulum if the specific keys are in the bag. Note the movement and check it with your friend.

Movement 3

For this process, you may again need the help of your friends. Ask a friend who is of the opposite gender to hold out a hand and allow the pendulum to hang above it, without touching it. The pendulum will start moving on its own. Note the movement. Now ask a friend who is of your gender to hold out a hand. The pendulum again moves on its own, but the movement will be different from the above.

Generally, if the person is male, the pendulum moves back and forth, whereas if the person is female, the pendulum moves in a circular or elliptical path. Even if it is not the same for you, you can repeat the process with different people to confirm the “male” and “female” signs.

Movement 4

You can also install programs or set of agreements in your pendulum, though you need to ask permission first.

Here’s an example.

For obtaining permission, ask the pendulum, “May I, Can I, Should I add dowsing agreements or programs, which will be in effect until changed by me?”

If your pendulum gives a “yes” sign, read the following agreements, immediately.
"May I, Can I, Should I Agreements will become a working part of all my dowsing programs and be in effect until I choose to change them. When I use “May I, Can I, Should I” in reference to dowsing questions, it will mean as follows:
‘May I’ means: Do I have permission to proceed in this area?
‘Can I’ means: Do I have the capability to effectively dowse in this area?
‘Should I’ means: Considering all the matters related to this situation, would it be proper and appropriate to dowse in this area? End of prearranged agreements, thank you."
To confirm the acceptance, ask, “Are the agreements acceptable, clear and non-contradictory, and open to change upon my request?"

If your pendulum says “yes”, you can use the benefits of these agreements and do not have to repeat the same every time you dowse.

Step 4

If you have been successful in all the steps and movements described till now, you can start with charts.

Draw a circle on a piece of paper and write down numbers 1-20 or 1-50 (as per your convenience) in regular intervals around the circle. Practice with your pendulum everyday asking impersonal questions, for example what is my age in years, what is my weight in kilograms, etc. Remember, the answers should be in numbers, so frame questions accordingly. Practice everyday until you are confident that your dowsing system is tuned in to you and is answering your questions correctly.

Step 5

To find some object, you need to concentrate on that object clearly. For example, if you want to find a blockage in the drainpipe, walk along its course with the blockage in mind. The pendulum movements will signal the area of blockage. You can confirm using the “yes” and “no” questions.

Observation and Analysis

What have you observed from your practice? Note down where you have been right and where there have been confusions. Yes, there are chances of confusion in the beginning, but there is no need to be disheartened about it. That is the way with most of the learning processes. For example, when a person learns to cycle, he/she might not have all the success the first day itself, even for a week, sometimes. But, once his/her abilities develop, the going gets smooth. It is the same with learning music.

There is no way a time can be fixed in which a person is guaranteed to learn dowsing.

There is no conclusion in this practice. No one can say that you can or cannot dowse. Everybody can. The results are a mix of your latent abilities to concentrate on your inner energies, your subconscious. The pendulum operates on the basis of this link and communication.

If you are getting accurate results in all the above experiments, you can surely try advanced levels. If you are not able to get the desired levels of accuracy, check the section on what to avoid in radiesthesia.

There are some don’ts in radiesthesia. It is very important that you avoid these pitfalls. Have a look at them, and you will soon discover how easy it is fall in them and get unsuccessful dowsing results. They are discussed after the next section.

Advanced Level Practices

In this section, some advanced practices of radiesthesia are described. These practices are not called so because they are more complex. There is not much difference in the technical processes. These practices require an advanced state of connectivity with the subconscious. One way of gaining it is to repeat the basic radiesthesia practices till you get right answers at least seven to eight times out of ten.

Another important requirement for practicing advanced methods is getting a better understanding of pendulum movements. To elaborate, if you concentrate on a certain object, then the pendulum, which was motionless earlier, will start vibrating in a certain manner, clockwise, anticlockwise, diagonal, etc, This movement identifies that object. You can test this process with any animate or inanimate object several times, though not continuously. The vibrations the pendulum gives for that object will remain the same every time you concentrate on it. For example, if you concentrate on pure milk for a few minutes and then hold your pendulum and continue concentrating on milk, you will find that the pendulum starts vibrating in a certain manner. Note the movement and repeat this process several times. You will find that the pendulum moves in a certain specific manner whenever you think of pure milk.

Asking Questions

One of the greatest advantages of radiesthesia is getting answers from the subconscious…answers that will help you make better decisions. An important point to bear in mind is to avoid emotional issues and questions related to your future. The questions should be related to physical realities. Many times, we are confused as to which option out of available ones is best for us; this is one area where radiesthesia can be employed to select the best option to enjoy maximum benefits.

There are different methods by which you can ask questions and get answers. Here are some of them:

Using Charts
By writing down the questions on separate pieces of paper
Using a piece of paper for stating different options

Think of a question.

For example, you need to buy a car for your family and you have four models to choose from. You are confused as to which model will suit your family needs best. For coherency, write down all your family’s requirements related to having a car, in a piece of paper and think of all the ways a car can bring you satisfaction. Concentrate on it for a few minutes.

Method I

Take a plain piece of clean, unused paper
Write down the name of models as four different options, at a fixed distance from each other
Place this paper before you
Phrase your question properly and ask the same clearly. For example, “Which model from these four is best suitable and beneficial for my family?”
The pendulum will move towards the best option

Method II

Take four plain pieces of clean, unused paper.
Write down the name of models, one in each piece.
Place one before you.
Ask the appropriate question as to whether it is good for your family or not. For example, “Is this model beneficial and best suitable for my family?”
Note the movement of the pendulum. Does it indicate “yes” or “no”?
Repeat the process with all the options. If you get more than one “yes”, repeat Method I with all the “yes” options.

Missing Objects

If you misplaced something important in your house, the following radioaesthetic methods can be employed to find it.

Method I

Draw a simple map of your house, including all the sections, even the corridors
Concentrate on the image of the misplaced object
Hold your pendulum over the map, pausing over each room and section, asking the pendulum if the object is there or not
The pendulum will show a “yes” signal over the room in which the object is located
Draw another map, this time of the room including all its storage and open spaces, furniture, etc.
Hold the pendulum over the map of the room, pausing over each section, storage space, etc.
When the pendulum shows a “yes” signal, trace it.

Method II

This would need higher concentration and connectivity levels as in this method we are finding the object without any aids such as maps.

Concentrate on the object for a few minutes. Its image should get clearer and clearer in your mind.
Hold the pendulum in your hand. It should be still.
Slowly ask the relevant questions. For example, “Is <> in the dining hall of this house?”
Wait for the pendulum to respond “yes” or “no”
When the pendulum gives positive response, you have the answer


Generally, relationships are not something to be evaluated. They are bonds formed by our hearts. But, there are many instances when you need help, for example, sometimes you need to know whether the stranger you are befriending is in fact your friend or enemy, whether you have a good correlation with the lady/gentleman you are dating or is the relationship only superficial, etc.

Method I (for checking compatibility)

Create a percentage chart.
Concentrate on the relevant person for a few minutes. The image of the person should become clearer and clearer in your mind.
Hold the pendulum over the chart. It should be still.
Ask the relevant question. For example, “Please show me my compatibility levels in percentage with <>”
The pendulum will indicate the appropriate percentage levels in the chart.

Method II (with words and images)

Hold the pendulum over the photo of the relevant person or write his/her name on a blank paper.
Concentrate on the person, hold the pendulum over his/her image or name and ask the relevant question. For example, “Should I have a <> with <>?” or “Should I stop forming a <> with <>?”
Note whether the pendulum gives a “yes” or “no” movement.


Auras are electrical energy fields that come out from inanimate and animate objects. It is interesting to check a person’s aura. Auras can reveal all aspects of the animate or inanimate object.

Choose an object.
Ask your friend to stand at a place already marked by you as ‘location A’. He/she should not be wearing any precious gems or crystals. Place the object at a certain distance from this ‘location A’. When practicing this method for the first time, it is preferable to place the object 1-3 meters away from location A.
Ask the friend to concentrate on his/her aura for a few minutes. Then ask him/her to concentrate on the object and visualize himself/herself with it, holding it. He/she should remain in this state for a few minutes. You can avoid being present in the room or area at this time.
Enter the room or area. Hold your pendulum. It should be still. Now, walk to location A. The pendulum will start vibrating.
Next, walk around the object, holding your pendulum above it. If your friend’s aura was projected forward at this object, the pendulum will vibrate as it had vibrated at location A.

Water Veins

It would be a good idea to check water veins around your house. You can make a better decision on whether to have a front, side or back garden. It is also helpful in fulfilling your water pumping needs. This is a task for a well-practiced dowser.

Take a tumbler or other container of pure drinking water. Concentrate on pure water for a few minutes and hold your pendulum over the water. The pendulum will vibrate in a certain manner. You can do this even without the tumbler if you have gained excellent levels of concentration.
Walk all over the area where you want to check for water veins, all the time concentrating on pure water.
If water veins are present, the pendulum will vibrate above that location. It will be vibrating faster directly above the exact location where water lies underground. Note the movement. Was it similar to the movement it showed when held over the tumbler of pure drinking water?
If yes, then pure drinking water is present in the location over which the pendulum vibrated. Verify by asking the yes or no questions.
If the pendulum vibrates but in another manner, then there are all the chances that the water is not pure.

To master the practice of radiesthesia, connectivity with the subconscious is most important. This can be achieved only through regular practice of mind control and of increasing concentration levels, and off course, experiments in dowsing. It is a good idea to repeat experiments till you get maximum positive responses.

Radiesthesia: What to strictly avoid - The Don’ts

To understand what matters/approaches to avoid in radiesthesia, you should also be clear on why to avoid them. It is, normally, difficult for we, humans, to just follow instructions, unless we comprehend the sense behind them. The same approach is followed in this chapter.

Here’s an example to give you a better understanding of the dowsing process. A businessman from Spain can only communicate in Spanish, but he has to meet an English client who cannot speak Spanish. So he takes the help of an interpreter. If you view these three people talking from a distance, the interpreter will be seen talking to both, the Spanish businessman, and his English client. But, in reality, he is not the one talking; he is only interpreting and communicating the message to both the parties.
The conversion is primarily between the Spanish businessman and his client. Whatever the English client says, the same is communicated to the Spanish businessman and vice versa; the interpreter is not responsible for what the other two are saying. Again, if the other two sound confusing, the interpreter will also sound likewise.
The radiesthesia pendulum acts likewise. What you are communicating to your subconscious and the latter’s response is indicated by the pendulum.

A most important thing to bear in mind is you are communicating to your subconscious, which is not a physical but a psychic entity. The response is received in form of electromagnetic energy waves that you are not able to perceive directly, but the dowsing pendulum, which is sensitive to these vibrations, senses the same and moves.

Since you are not familiar with this communication system, it would be good to know in advance where you can error.

Errors due to our psychological and mental state

If our mind is not relaxed, we have not calmed our emotions or disturbing and irrelevant thoughts keep entering our mind, then the vibrations coming from our self will be disturbed and so will be the pendulum.

It is extremely important that our mind is controlled and we are able to concentrate properly on the task at hand, the question we are seeking an answer for.

Errors due to Autosuggestions

When we presume something in advance and ask a question, unconsciously we are making an attempt to answer the question ourselves, and as a consequence, giving our presumption precedence over what we seek from the subconscious. This would give the wrong results.

For example, someone, a friend you trust told you that he/she has kept a ring in a certain box. In this case, if you hold the pendulum above the box, already sure of the answer, the pendulum will give a positive response, even if there is no ring in that box.

Errors due to the type of question asked

Our subconscious gives answers on the basis of the question asked. Therefore, it is necessary to be precise and clear. For example, you want to know whether your car needs gas. You put forward the question: “Does my car require gas today?” or “Does my car require gas?” The answer will be “yes” even if your car’s gas tank is full. The reason is simple. To function, definitely, your car needs gas, today or any other day. You need to be precise. For example, take a chart and ask instead, “What is the amount of petrol or gas in my car’s gas tank in litres?”

Errors due to misinterpretations

In the beginning, you might need to repeat the same process several times. Most of the times, this is because you might not have achieved the right level of concentration, which is absolutely necessary. In this process, you build misinterpretations. To explain this, an example that comes to mind is of Internet connectivity. You need to be connected to access the information on the Net. Here, in case of radiesthesia, however, by misinterpreting a connection or the results of a disconnection with the subconscious, one can get confusing or wrong results.

Errors due to overuse of mental energy

Sometimes, we have already overused our mental energies before we start dowsing. A certain level of mental energy is a prerequisite for dowsing, which if not present will result in unreliable indications from the pendulum.

Errors due to being over ambitions

If you attempt for a higher or advanced level of radiesthesia, without having attained the capacity for the same, the results will be unreliable. It is like attempting to solve advanced mathematical equations on the basis of average knowledge.

Errors due to being in a closed state of mind

There are many ways you keep a closed state of mind, and dowsing in this state of mind is like acting out the process rather than doing it. For example, a person does not like visiting his uncle’s house, but out of duty he/she has to. During the duration of the whole visit, the person will not be able to enjoy much because his/her mind is set; either he/she will remain distracted or see the negative side of all things. Keeping an open mind is an essential part of the practice of radiesthesia.

If you keep these basic rules in mind, other pitfalls can also be avoided. Ignoring the above will result in more and more problems. However, all one needs is, regular practice in the right state of mind and with a clear head to ask precise and appropriate questions. Meditation helps a lot in attaining mind control and in increasing concentration levels. Regular practice makes all the difference.

Practicing radiesthesia, one often wonders about the scientific premises behind the practice. There is no need to worry about it much. Even if you do not know the mechanics that make your car function, you can drive it pretty well. However, an attempt is made to give you an understanding of the scientific premises in the next section.

Radiesthesia: The Science Underlying the Practice

How much do we know about this universe to decide what is scientific and what is not? What we think of as scientific remains such only till the next discovery. At first, the earth was considered in the middle of the universe and Galileo was condemned for his newfound observations. Later, Issac Newton made extensive discoveries of gravitational forces and planetary movements, only to be further modified by Albert Einstein. Not long before--just some decades ago--the observation that matter exists in three forms was considered the veritable fact, but that was before quarks were discovered. The knowledge of radiesthesia is not based on defined concepts of modern science rather on the unexplored areas, the area of energy waves and of one of the most complex issues of all, human mind.

Thus, two things are necessary for understanding the techniques of radiesthesia:

The knowledge of basic concepts of energy and its forms and
Exploration in to the complex field of human mind and its perception abilities

Energy and its forms

This universe is a play of energy. Whatever exists is ultimately a form of energy. And energy is not still - it vibrates. The frequency at which energy is vibrating establishes the density of its expression as matter. When it vibrates at lower frequencies, it is more visible, like in solids. When the frequency of energy vibration is more, for example in gases, it becomes invisible to human eyes, though we can sense it or physically feel its manifestation. For example, if we are exposed to carbon gas, some harmful chemical reactions take place in our body. But, when energy fields vibrate at very high frequencies, beyond the perception capacity of the five human sensory organs, humans are not able to sense it physically.

For centuries, we only gave value to what we can discern physically through our five sense organs. In the twentieth century, for the first time, scientists attempted to discover the unseen and normally unperceived factors, and technology instruments were developed to explore them. Hence, X-rays, radio waves, etc. came to be used for the benefit of the human race. It is an established fact, now, that these high energy fields, vibrating at advanced frequencies surround all matter, including living systems. They are multidimensional. These multidimensional energy fields together with the solid state form our total living body.

Human Mind: How much can it perceive matters

In this energy universe, how does our mind perceive matters? Interactions between matters on a physical level are obvious. We see, hear, smell, feel interactions between energy fields on a physical level. For example, when a piece of stone hits us, we get hurt.
To a certain extent, interaction between emotional and physical levels is also visible. For example, when we feel extremely sad, we cry, a feeling of fear increases the flow of adrenaline in the blood stream, etc.

The difficulty is in determining interactions between matters vibrating at higher frequencies, matters that are neither seen nor sensed through the physical sensory organs of a human body.

The question is: Is a human body only capable of perceiving things related to the physical level? This question raises another: Being a multidimensional body system how is it possible that we can perceive matters related only to one level? The answer that is derived is humans should be able to perceive things on all levels, but because of some factors, they are limiting their detections to things related to a physical level. If this answer is difficult to comprehend, then probably, you might be confused on what exactly perception means or is. It is explained in brief below.

The nerves carry messages to the brain and back. This function is registered by our mind and we identify the message. The mind, without question, plays an important role in determining the human capacity to perceive matters and interaction between matters. Imagine, if our mind stops functioning for some moments, as in the case of some mentally affected persons, our nerves would still be transmitting messages and our body would be functioning, but we will not be able to identify anything. It can be concluded that, ultimately, what we perceive is controlled by our mind. Herein, lies the clue as to why humans limit their detections of matters to a physical level.

The human mind is a complex entity. Our experiences and observations are limited by our conscious mind. The conscious mind deals with matters related to the physical level. In this case, it becomes difficult for us to experience things not related to the physical level. But, the existence of the subconscious mind cannot be refuted. It exists and if it exists, it will be definitely controlling our perceptions related to all levels, including the physical level since it has a control on the conscious mind also.

Therefore, by connecting with the realm of the subconscious mind, we can perceive matters and interaction of matters on all levels. And, that is exactly what we do in radiesthesia. Just like the radio instrument is used to receive and play radio wave transmissions, in the same manner, radioaesthetic instruments are used for the benefit of our conscious mind to recognize the messages received when we connect with our subconscious mind. A master radiesthesia practitioner might not need a pendulum, but getting to that stage is indeed difficult, though not impossible. As Johann Wolfgang von Goethe once said, our body is the best unit of measurement.

Thus, by practicing radiesthesia, you are making an attempt to increase your realm of experiences from ordinary to extraordinary, from obvious to beyond the obvious.

How did this science and art come into existence, you will be able to find this in the next section.

Radiesthesia: Origins and Brief History

Radiesthesia is a very ancient practice.

Cave pictures, engraving, reliefs, rock drawings, and ancient manuscripts in different locations in the world, dating back several thousand years, showing radiesthesia practitioners holding pendular instruments prove that radiesthesia is among the ancient sciences of the world, a practice which was not restricted to any particular place or even country.

Though people usually relate ancients with superstitions and myths, it cannot be challenged that it was through their wisdom that civilization progressed. From astronomy to economy, from agriculture to healing, from literature, music, paintings to mathematics, physics and chemistry, there is no area left unexplored by them. It should not be surprising that with the use of a simple pendular instrument, they could locate oil mines in deserts, a feat accomplished today using advanced satellite technologies.

It is difficult to trace the origins of this practice to a particular time or place. Some details on the evidences of this practice by different ancient civilizations of the world are mentioned below:


The pictorial representations dating back 15,000 years in the Cave of Lascaux in Southern France indicate use of radiesthesia.


The use of radiesthesia pendulum goes back 7,000 years among the Egyptians, earlier than the pyramids. There are Egyptian reliefs that show their Gods holding scepters or pendular instruments. Evidences of mining in all the gold mines of the unchartered Sinai desert several thousand years ago suggest the use of radiesthesia. These mines, which were found using man-made satellites now, were marked and used by the ancient Egyptians using very simple radiesthesia instruments.


A Chinese engraving dated 147 BC shows Emperor Yu (of Hia dynasty, which existed in 2200 BC) holding a pendular instrument like a tuning fork. The inscription beneath read: “Yu, of the Hia dynasty, was famous for his knowledge of the presence of mineral deposits and sources; he could find concealed objects; he was able by his expertise to adapt the operation of the field according to the different seasons.” This engraving is the oldest known written document about radiesthesia. The inscription on the engraving leaves no doubt that the pendular instrument shown in the engraving is a radioaesthetic device.


The use of dowsing pendulum in ancient Greece is evident from the work of several renowned philosophers including Pythagoras and Plato. Pythagoras translated every vibrational quality in the universe to a proportion on a monochord radiesthesia instrument. His work was based on the ancient Egyptian method of correlating musical chords with numerical values.

Other Civilizations

Cave pictures found in Tassili in Sahara, which were drawn in 6,000 BC, indicate the practice of dowsing.

Herodotus, the legendary historian and traveler, wrote about the use of dowsing by Persians, Scythians and Medes. There are records of its practice by Etruscans, Hindus, Hebrews, Polynesians, and Peruvians. Information from cuneiform tablets shows that the ancient Sumerians used radiesthesia for locating underground water and minerals.

It seems that radiesthesia is another landmark in the phase of human evolution towards gaining power over body, mind, space, and time.

Appendix - A

Other Radiesthesia devices

In modern times, with increase in the practice of dowsing and growing number of practitioners, a variety of dowsing tools have developed. More than three hundred dowsing tools are used. They come in all sizes, shapes and materials.

However, besides pendulums, the other main types of radioaesthetic instruments are:

Forked stick

The forked stick is a petite Y-shaped tree branch, usually, made from hazel, willow, ash or rowan trees. The dowser holds the stick parallel to the ground.

L Rods

Two L shaped metal rods are held, one in each hand, and both parallel to the ground and to each other. When the dowser passes over the area underneath which the object being sought is located, the rods either swing apart or cross each other.


A bobber is made from a slender stick or flexible wire. They are 1-3 feet in length. One end of the bobber weighs more heavily than the other. A bobber is held horizontally (more or less) by one end in the hand with the heavier end held away from the body.

How to choose a Pendulum

There are a number of methods used by people to choose a pendulum. Whatever the method used for choosing one, a good thing to bear in mind is that whatever works for you is the best pendulum for you. This is because the pendulum is a device you are using to communicate and get information from your higher self or subconscious. Therefore, the device with which you feel comfortable working and which responds to you easily will be the one more in tune with your energy. The results are what matter in the end.

However, there are some general characteristics related to different pendulums that make them more suitable for certain kinds of dowsing. A rounded or conical pendulum is good for general dowsing purposes. The Universal Pendulum is sophisticated and very beneficial in healing. Abbe Mermet’s pendulum with its cavity or witness chamber is great for healing, and a most effective tool for transmitting remedies of any potency.

There are hundreds of pendulums available, the difference depends on the materials used like, diamonds, crystals, gold, emeralds, etc, or on the their geometrical shapes, for example, pyramid shaped, cone shaped, tear drop shaped, etc.